Our teleconsultation service is VERY useful!


As a patient: You can maintain a virtual consultation with the medical team that will treat you before travelling to clarify all your doubts you.

Once you have received the medical treatment with us, you can maintain contact with the medical team for post-operative evaluations. This way we keep in touch.

If you want a second medical opinion before having surgery or receiving treatment with our medical team or with another one, you can do it comfortably and with an excellent medical team, that will help you to have a second opinion on all your needs.

If you need a specialized medical service we can offer you the best ones through the teleconsultation in a comfortable and easy way.


As a medical professional: In a comfortable, private and easy way you can maintain a virtual consultation with your patients, avoiding distance problems. You will be able to exchange all kinds of medical reports and images instantly while online and discuss them interactively. You can reach more places and people, not available before. And if you need it in the same query other professionals or translators can intervene simultaneously so you can concentrate in what your patients need.








+34 910 869 152

+34 910 869 152