Expanding the boundaries of Medical Help


In October, the Medical Help packed the bags and left ... Not for vacation, but for business trips. Part of the team went to Belarus and Ukraine to meet with representatives of medical tourism in these countries.

The meetings were held as part of the Technical Conference on Medical Tourism, organized by the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade. For Medical Help, participation in it was a journey to new directions and an increase in the company's presence in Eastern Europe.

On October 22, meetings were held in Minsk. Thanks to the initiative of the Office for Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Embassy of Spain, participants from both countries found partners for cooperation.

This is another step in the development of Medical Help and, in general, medical tourism, in which Spanish experts play an increasingly prominent role.

Partnership with a country of nearly 10 million people opens the door to a model that brings together medical professionals working in southern Spain. 

The “European tour” continued at meetings on medical tourism in Ukraine, whose 160,000 citizens in 2018 chose Germany, Poland, Turkey, Israel and, of course, Spain as medical tourism destinations.

Every year, the need for professional oncologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons is increasing. In addition, orthopedics, traumatology and rehabilitation are actively developing, to which we also relate. Collaboration with Medical Help provides you as a healthcare provider with excellent growth opportunities. We do our best to ensure that the Medical Help network provides quality services to the largest number of patients.

At the conference, we met the president of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism and agreed upon cooperation.


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