Video appointments, resolving problems from a distance


Medical video appointments are becoming an increasingly more popular means of providing healthcare, especially as a way of resolving health problems that a patient may have when they have no access a health professional.

What is a medical video appointment?

The service is essentially an online medical consultation made via a video-calling system between two devices.

The patient is given an appointment scheduled around the professional’s timetable. During the appointment they may receive a diagnosis as well as an explanation or clarification about a specific treatment or diagnosis. This is in addition to the professional monitoring the effects of a certain type medication or the patient’s general recovery.

Geographical advantages of medical video appointments

The main advantage of medical video appointments is that they can offer health consultation services to patients who, for geographical reasons, are unable to access professional medical facilities.

An overly long distance to travel for medical appointments is the main reason behind more and more patients increasingly opting for this service. For example, without having to travel to another country, patients can now have a medical video appointment with a specialist medical professional who is recognised in their field.

Other advantages of medical video appointments

Medical video appointments offer a wide range of advantages as a healthcare service. One of those advantages is how instantaneous they are.  

The simplicity for both the professional and the patient to not have to move means it is easier to fit more appointments into a shorter period of time. This means there are quicker waiting times for patients and as soon as the two devices connect the appointment can begin.  

Thanks to audiovisual technology patients can also be seen in the appointments and certain diagnosis’s can be made. It is much more effective than a telephone call or any other kind of appointment.  

Some centres, such as Medical Help, even have apps to easily manage medical video appointments. This permits the patient to make an appointment with their specialist from their mobile phone in addition to receiving other information via their device.

It also a more cost-effective service when compared to other types of appointments. For example, at our centres the cost of the medical video appointments is discounted if you subsequently decide to undergo treatment at one of our centres.  

This means that the patient can benefit from an initial diagnostic treatment, and if they so wish, they can continue with treatment in the hospital or clinic where their health professional works. This can all be done relatively cost-effectively, as the initial amount is discounted from the overall cost.

Other situations in which an online medical appointment can be effective is in those cases where a second professional opinion is requested.

When given a diagnosis, many patients want to ensure that it is correct or want to check to see if there are any alternative treatments. A medical video appointment can be used to make an appointment for a second opinion from a professional specialist, regardless of where the patient or professional is in the world.

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