Spain, the best place in the world to recover


Over the last few years, Spain has consolidated itself as the preferred destination for foreigners looking to recover from illnesses.

There are various factors behind this evolution, and they are expected to increase during 2020 and the years following. While each of these factors are important in their own right, collectively they are even more attractive to patients.   

Healthcare quality in Spain

Spanish doctors are some of the most recognised in various health specialities. This helps to demonstrate why the country is seen as an ideal destination for those looking to recover from illnesses.

Patients receive a guaranteed quality service, with increased possibilities of an effective recovery in a shorter period of time.

There is also a prevention guarantee in the sense that if the patient’s condition worsens, they can make use of all of the healthcare resources and medical professionals to receive efficient treatment. 

The price of treatment in Spain

As within any industry, price is always a deciding factor as to whether a patient opts for one option or another.

Spain is fortunate enough to be able to offer well priced treatments without reducing the quality of the care received. This is the perfect combination to encourage patients to choose it as a destination.

The climate and surroundings are key factors

None of the reasons above is decisive, what patients want is the ideal place to recover from their illnesses. However, Spain offers both the perfect climate and surroundings for patients to recover in.

Most of the country, especially in the South and Andalusia, enjoys a soft climate throughout the year, increasingly similar to the stable and ideal climate in the Canary Islands.  

This can be added to Spain’s high quality and vastly varied surroundings. It is situated on a peninsular so many Spanish cities have coastlines that are a hotbed for tourists from all over the world.

Spain also has a wide range of beautiful natural habitats further inland, where Nature flourishes, creating spaces that are ideal for a peaceful, healthy and efficient recovery from any illness.

Where foreign patients are from

Spain is mainly seen as an ideal recovery destination for citizens from within the European Union.

The UK, France and Germany are the countries where most patients come from, which is logical as, apart from the factors listed above, they are also relatively near. Patients can arrive in just a few hours from any European country and be attended in a medical centre to begin their recovery process.

In addition to European countries, there has also been a growth in patients from other regions. Some of the most noteworthy are from the Middle East, Russia and even the Americas.

At MedicalHelp we are aware of the increasing interest of foreign patients looking to receive treatment in Spain, and we have a team of individuals available to help you find the best possible medical team.

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