Dr. Luis Sánchez García

Dr. Luis Sánchez García


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Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the medical school of the University of Seville.

Specialist in Plastic Surgery, Restorative Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery (Virgen del Rocío hospital in Sevilla)

Member of the SECPRE (Spanish Society of Plastic, Restorative and Cosmetic Surgery).

Collegiate 12.430 of the Royal Oficial School of Physiciand of Seville.

Over 20 years of experience
Specialties at the service of patients

Dr. Luis Sánchez García specializes in the following treatments:
Rhinoplasty, as a method to modify the appearance of the nose through a surgical process that allows to correct any anomaly caused by an accident or for congenital reasons, which alters the operation or aesthetics of the nose.
Blepharoplasty, as a treatment aimed to repair drooping or deformed eyelids through a surgical process to remove excess skin in the area.

Otoplasty, understood as the surgical procedure used to correct and modify the positioning of the ears.

Facial implants, to combat flaccidity, fill wrinkles, increase volumes in the face area.

Cervico-facial lifting, applied as a surgical procedure to correct facial wrinkles and recover skin tone and shine, in which excess skin is removed in the area and your muscles are tightened.

Professional experience

Dr. Luis Sánchez García is a physician graduated in Medicine and Surgery by the School of Medicine of the University of Seville. He is also a specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He is a responsible professional, firmly committed to the exercise of his duty, always willing to provide first class health care to each patient he receives in his office.

+34 910 869 152

+34 910 869 152