Hospital Ochoa

A large medical staff of qualified specialists works every day for hospital patients. Its sole purpose is to offer a high level of quality care for you and your family.

Years of experience and a great team of professionals endorse this center’s specialties.


Do you want to have a baby but the moment does not come? Come to our Assisted Reproduction professionals. We offer a personalized treatment to each patient in a hospital environment.

A great team of professionals will accompany you throughout the process explaining the possibilities in the newest techniques to together achieve the goal of having a baby.


We treat all acute traumatic pathologies such as fractures and dislocations that require closed reduction and percutaneous osteosynthesis, reduction and osteosynthesis with minimally invasive surgery or reduction and open osteosynthesis. We also have an arthroscopy team for patients with knee and/or shoulder involvement and an extensive experience in percutaneous foot surgery (Hallux Valgus, rigid varus, metatarsalgia, claw or hammer toe, calcaneal spur ...) one of the most frequent pathologies in our environment.


Discover our medical-aesthetic and beauty treatments to tighten or reduce wrinkles, illuminate or regenerate the skin. Get a younger look and get a facial and body rejuvenation without surgery. We also have Plastic Surgery with the most avant-garde technical equipment and surgeons of recognized prestige nationwide.




+34 910 869 152

+34 910 869 152