Losing weight is now possible thanks to the treatments we offer to control and lose weight in a healthy way. Obymed's specialized clinics have developed a personalized treatment throughout their experience that will help them reach their goals. Each patient has a history and therefore each case is studied individually in order to define the best treatment option and draw up a specific plan.

The purpose of our treatments is simply to provide the patient with all the necessary tools and support so that the goals achieved are permanently consolidated. The main characteristic is the direct treatment and the closeness to the patient. The multidisciplinary team which make up Obymed and the high percentage of long-term success has made them a national reference health center.

Gastric Band

The gastric band is a surgical procedure performed by laparoscopy and under general anesthesia in which an adjustable band of silicone is placed around the upper part of the stomach, creating a new and small upper stomach pouch that limits the amount of food that can be ingested each time. On the other hand, the narrowed exit of the stomach increases the necessary time for its emptying, all together originates the desired weight loss.

Intragastric balloon 

It is an outpatient procedure that involves the implantation of an expandable silicone balloon inside the stomach. The intervention is performed through endoscopy, which is a minimally invasive technique of direct view inside the patient's gastric cavity.

Apollo Method

This intervention is always performed in an operating theatre, equipped with all safety measures and using general anesthesia although it is not a surgical operation. The procedure is carried out orally, without incisions or scars, by introducing a simple device that performs a series of continuous sutures along the entire gastric wall. It allows the reduction of stomach capacity safely and effectively, increasing the sense of satiety after the intake of a smaller amount of food.

Aspire Method

The Aspire Method is a novel endoscopic technique recently approved by the FDA for weight loss and especially recommended for patients with morbid obesity. It comes to a fast, little invasive and easily reversible that allows to reduce the quantity of calories the body processes.

Gastric Sleeve

It is also called gastric sleeve, gastric tube or vertical gastrectomy It is considered a restrictive intervention since weight loss occurs as a result of considerable reduction in stomach volume.

Gastric Bypass

This technique belongs to the so-called mixed because it uses the restrictive and malabsorptive method at the same time.


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