Cortijo Care

From Medical Help we offer the possibility of recovering in an exclusive and luxurious Clinic of Psychological Wellbeing that offers a unique, holistic and therapeutic perspective in treatments for Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders and General Psychiatry

Located in 6800 meters of beautiful gardens, in a warm and quiet atmosphere, just 5 minutes walk from the beach, offering an environment of total privacy, security and calmness.

We have a program focused on discovering, learning and changing, using complete and sophisticated treatments focused on the total recovery of the patient.

A qualified multidisciplinary team that offers an individualized approach in the provision of inpatient and outpatient care.


Specialists in the treatment of addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling.

The addiction often does not go hand in hand with the quantity, it has more relation with the behavior of the person towards the substance and how it affects psychologically. Seeking help from a specialist is the most appropriate way to return to a full everyday life and enjoy it without having to turn to alcohol or drugs.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice or a diet that has gotten out of hand, but a serious illness that can happen to anyone at some point their life.

There are several types of eating disorders, being the most common anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and obesity. Eating disorders are mental health conditions all wrapped in an unhealthy relationship with food that can be a threat to life in severe cases, therefore, the sooner it is treated, the better the result will be.

General Psychiatry

Mental health problems can be defined as a health condition that changes a person's ability to think logically, deal with difficult emotions and feelings or behave irrationally or abnormally (or a mixture of the three) causing the person anxiety and the difficulty in functioning.


Our facilities can be used as a place for a break and getaway or to recover from an operation that requires rest. You will count on nursing assistance to guarantee


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