We are an ophthalmological group dedicated to the investigation, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, as well as to the integral care of vision. Our medical team is made up of more than 70 top-level specialists with a constant commitment to professional development and scientific learning to offer absolute safety in procedures and achieve high degrees of improvement. Focused on the satisfaction and quality of patients, we guarantee our patients an individualized treatment using the best technological and human means. 

Retina and Macula Unit

Bears responsibility for neurodegenerative diseases affecting the fundus of the eye or retinal, usually related to the aging of the population. Its early detection is very important, as well as their control and follow-up. The most common ones are Macular Degeneration Associated with Age (DMAE) and Ocular Diabetes.

Ocular Orbit and Eye Tuck Unit

Among the outstanding techniques, excellent results are obtained with blepharoplasty surgery of both upper and lower eyelids and the application of botulinum toxin for the treatment of periocular wrinkles. The surgery of extirpation (Mohs technique) with reconstruction of periocular tumors allows to recover the palpebral functionality and aesthetics with great patient satisfaction.

Corneal Transplant Unit

Corneal blindness remains one of the challenges ophthalmology faces today. Since 2012 we have performed more than 80 keratoplasties or corneal transplants in the centers of Madrid and Murcia by our medical team of expert ophthalmologists in order to recover the transparency of the cornea using this technique to improve the visual quality of our patients.




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