Traveler’s help

Spain is an excellent destination to start recovery. Great professionals of recognized prestige, top-level facilities and technological innovation make the country a perfect place for health treatments.

Choosing Spain as destination is the first step to achieve the desired goal. Spain is a country with a very pleasant weather, medicine is very advanced and has great professionals who can treat any type of disease. After deciding the specialist that will treat you, the next step is to organize the trip to Spain. From Medical Spain we take care of all the procedure for patients and his companions.

The only concern should be recovering, therefore Medical Spain's team makes it easy for patients to reach the information they need.

Trust Medical Spain and a large team of professionals will guide you through all the administrative procedures.

  •  Information about Spain. Clinics, specialists, accommodation, nearest airports...
  •  Consulates' and embassies' contact details... We guide you on where to carry out arrangements.
  •  Documentation needed. We help you prepare the required documentation to undertake the trip.

What you should not forget. Our traveler assistance service will accompany you throughout the process and along the trip.

+34 910 869 152

+34 910 869 152